Dec 03, 2023  
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Transition Core

Bachelor Degrees (Requirements for students enrolled before Fall 2015 and graduating after Spring 2015):

Each line represents a three-credit hour course, unless otherwise noted.

Ethics/Religion and Society Focus

  • THEO 111 - Theological Foundations
  • PHIL 100 - Ethics as Intro to Philosophy
  • Literature & the Moral Imagination

Perspectives Courses

  • Creative Perspectives OR Old Core Fine Arts
  • Historical Perspectives OR Old Core History 1 & 2 (Survey Courses)
  • Mathematical Perspectives OR Two Old Core Math Courses above 105
  • Philosophical Perspectives (PHIL 200) OR Old Core PHIL 290 Theory of Knowledge
  • Scientific Perspectives OR Any Old Core Science course with lab
  • Theological Perspectives (THEO 200+) OR Any Old Core THEO 200 or THEO 300s.


  • ENGL 101 Composition or ENGL 115 Rhetoric
  • Language (two courses or 201)


  • Humanities Elective OR Any Old Core Literature Elective, THEO 300+, or PHIL 300+
  • Natural Science Elective OR Any Old Core Natural Science course
  • Social Science Elective OR Any Old Core Social Science Course

Two Flags

Students also must satisfy two flags in addition to the credit hours listed in the chart above. A flag constitutes a significant portion of a course in any discipline that is devoted to one of the two topics. Flagged courses are approved by the committee or subcommittee devoted to each flag topic. A single course can fulfill two flags. Flagged courses often double count for other courses in the core, for major requirements, and/or for minor requirements, and thus do not add to the total number of credit hours required in the Core Curriculum.

  • Diversity (DCR)
  • Ethics/Religion and Society (E/RS)

CORE 499

  • All Bachelor degree students must successfully complete CORE 499 during their anticipated final semester as a requirement of their Bachelor degree.


  • The Ethics/Religion and Society Focus also includes an E/RS flagged course.
  • Literature and Moral Imagination can be fulifilled with CLAS 205 , ENGL 205 , FREN 205 , GERM 205 , or SPAN 205 .
  • Old Core Science course with lab must be in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Psychology for a total of 3 credits.
  • Humanities Elective can be satisfied by one course from any of the following categories: All Classics except 205, ENGL 121+ except 205, FREN 300+, GERM 300+, HIST 200+, PHIL 300+, SPAN 300+, or THEO 300+. The Humanities Elective may not double count as an E/RS flag (though may be an E/RS flagged course). While all Theology courses 200 and above count as Theological Perspectives, and all Theology courses 300 and above also count for Humanities Electives, no Theology course can double-count for both Theological Perspectives and Humanities Elective.
  • Old Core Natural Science course must be a minimum of 3 credits in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. This requirement includes a lab.