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Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Montessori Education, B.S.

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The philosophy of education taught in the Montessori program was researched by Dr. Maria Montessori, one of the first Italian women to graduate from medical school in Rome in 1896. Dr. Montessori’s philosophy supports the fundamental tenet that a child learns best within a social environment which supports each individual’s unique development. Multi-age grouping in each class promotes peer group learning. The children work in a prepared learning environment that is child-centered and beautifully arranged with learning materials to aid the child in their exploration of new ideas. The Montessori teacher learns to be a scientific observer and facilitator, providing an environment for children that is developmentally appropriate to help the child grow in all areas: social, cognitive, emotional, and physical.

An undergraduate degree will prepare you to practice your profession in the following ways:

  1. Public schools - Graduates are prepared to teach in Montessori public schools and traditional public schools pre-Kindergarten up to third grade.
  2. Private schools - Graduates teach in private Montessori schools (ages 2.5 - 6) nationally and internationally as well as in traditional programs up to third grade.
  3. Hospitals - Graduates are hired for special children’s programs.
  4. Child care centers - Graduates are hired as administrators of child care centers.
  5. Non-profit organizations - Graduates work in the areas of child and family advocacy.

The Xavier University Montessori Teacher Education Program is accredited by the MACTE Commission and grants an American Montessori Society Credential for Early Childhood and Elementary I students who complete all requirements also receive an Ohio Four Year Resident Educator License PreK-3.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Montessori Education

Montessori Education (Early Childhood Program) for Ohio Four Year Resident Educator License (PreK-3) and American Montessori Society Credential Early Childhood Ages 2 1/2 To 6, B.S.

Requirements for the Montessori Education Major

Undergraduate core curriculum, requirements:

48 Undergraduate Core Curriculum  credit hours, include:

  • Diversity Curriculum requirement: partially fulfilled in the major with  .
  • English Composition/Rhetoric grade must be a “B” or above.
  • Mathematics grade must be a “C” or above.
  • Literature: fulfilled in the major with  .
  • CORE 100 - First Year Seminar
  • CORE 101 - First Year Co-curricular program
  • CORE 499
  • Science: must be met with physical (CHEM or   and  ) and biological (  and  ) sciences.
  • Social Sciences: included in the major requirements.
  • The ER/S Focus Elective that meets another core requirement should be chosen.

Additional Requirements:

  • A Montessori professional statement must be in the file by the end of freshman year.
  • Three letters of recommendation must be on file by the start of the sophomore year.
  • A moral character form must be on file by the start of the sophomore year.
  • Application for student teaching must be turned in by spring of junior year.
  • Application and fees for American Montessori Society Credentialing, MACTE and NAEYC must be turned in the summer before senior year.
  • State licensing exams must be taken prior to the start of internship.


  • A 2.700 grade point average must be achieved in all the education courses for the major.
  • All Montessori education courses must have a grade of “B” or above.

Scheduling Notes:

  • Consult the “Undergraduate Core Curriculum ” requirements of the Catalog.
  • E/RS Focus Elective requirement may be used to satisfy another element of the Core or the major.
  • A minimum of 130 credit hours is typically required for the degree, with 120 hours as absolute minimum.
  • An overall cumulative GPA of 2.500 is required for graduation.
  • The Diversity Curriculum Electives may be used to satisfy other elements of the core or major.

TOTAL Minimum Hours Required for Degree: 120 Semester Hours

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