Feb 17, 2020  
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

Urban Sustainability, M.A.

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Urban sustainability involves a reexamination of urban and regional development and an understanding of the role of cities in global environmental change. The challenge is to make cities centers of engaged citizenship and humane living rather than the source of continued environmental and resource degradation.

The challenges of urban sustainability demand of its professionals a broad, multi-faceted, interdisciplinary education, including work in the humanities that speak to the ultimate purposes of urban life. Xavier University’s M.A. in urban sustainability provides the breadth of complementary approaches and interdisciplinary perspectives essential to understanding and tackling the complicated interrelationships and challenges of urban sustainability. In bringing together students and faculty from the fields of business, environmental science, public policy, and urban planning and design, the M.A. in urban sustainability produces graduates with the necessary analytical and decision-making skills for careers in the public and private sectors. The interdisciplinary mix of students and faculty provides a rich learning environment that will illuminate the critical connections at the intersection of the sciences, business, public policy, and the built environment.

Course Sequence (40 Hours)

Year One: Fall Semester

  • HIST 536 - Urban Ecologies and Economies

  • SOCI 554 - Introduction to Urban Systems

  • POLI 554 - The Politics of Urban Sustainability

Year One: Spring Semester

  • SOCI 555 - Urban Development and Space

  • UNST 554 - Urban Geography and GIS

  • SOCI 552 - Quantitative Analysis

  • Field Placement Planning

Summer Semester

  • Fieldwork and Fieldwork seminar I

Year Two: Fall Semester

  • MGMT 621 - Corporate Sustainability

  • ECON 520 - Urban and Regional Economics

  • COMM 554 - Strategic Organizational Communication

Year Two: Spring Semester

  • PHIL 554 - Eco-Systems Thinking

  • PHIL 506 - Social Justice in the City

  • HIST 554 - The City as Vocation (4 Tracks)

    • Urban Planning & Community Organizing

    • Politics and Urban Administration

    • Sustainability Initiatives in the Corporate and Non-Profit Sectors

    • Scientific-Technical Research in Sustainability

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