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Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

Strategic Human Resource Management, B.S.B.A.

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The Department of Management. Entrepreneurship and Strategic Human Resources offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Strategic Human Resource Management.

In today’s increasingly complex business  world, there is a need for Human Resources Practitioners or Functional Specialists with well-rounded professional training to be leaders in the ethical and strategically effective employment of people in  organizations. Although the primary goal of the program is to provide the professional training necessary for graduates to obtain human resources jobs, the major should be especially appealing to students with broad interests. Reflecting this broad approach, the field of human resources is studied from a strategic approach encompassing a wide range of business areas as well as legal, economic, and political  perspectives. The core program provides students the opportunity to take advanced courses that are both theoretical and practical in nature from the human resources functional areas, including staffing, compensation, training and development, change management, international human resources, and labor relations; additionally, students take the strategic HRM capstone course that emphasizes the strategic importance of HRM in organizational effectiveness and the internal assessment of HRM systems for alignment with organizational goals.

Outside of the classroom, students may expand their knowledge by participating in a part-time or full-time internship in human resources.  Credit and non-credit opportunities are available.

Requirements for the Strategic Human Resource Management Major

Undergraduate core curriculum requirements:

See the Undergraduate Core Curriculum  in the catalog.

Major Requirements:

21 total credit hours required, as follows:


  • Three (3) hours of business electives.


  • No more than six (6) hours may double count between MGMT major and SHRM major (excluding SHRM 200).
  • A 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in these major courses.

B.S.B.A. Strategic Human Resource Management

This block serves as a guideline for progress toward a degree. See your academic advisor.

Freshman Year

First Semester

  • FY Seminar-CORE 100 or THEO 111
  • ENGL 101/115
  • Mathematical Perspectives-MATH 140 or 170
  • Second Language I 4
  • MKTG 300
  • BUAD 101
  • CORE 101

Second Semester

  • THEO 111 or FY Seminar-CORE 100
  • Historical Perspectives Elective
  • Second Language II 4
  • Social Science Elective-ECON 200 1
  • BAIS 220
  • BUAD 102
  • CORE 102

Sophomore Year

First Semester

  • PHIL 100
  • ECON 201
  • ACCT 200
  • BAIS 210
  • MGMT 200 (DCR Flag)
  • BUAD 201

Second Semester

  • Scientific Perspectives or Natural Sciences Elective 2
  • Humanities Elective3
  • MGMT 201-(Oral Communications & Writing Flag)
  • ACCT 201
  • BAIS 211
  • BUAD 202

Junior Year

First Semester

  • Philosophical Perspectives-PHIL 200
  • Creative Perspectives Elective
  • FINC 300-(Quantitative Reasoning Flag)
  • SHRM 360–Staffing
  • SHRM Elective 1
  • BUAD 301

Second Semester

  • Theological Perspectives Elective
  • ENGL 205
  • ECON 300
  • SHRM 345–Compensation
  • SHRM 370-Training & Development
  • BUAD 302

Senior Year

First Semester

  • Natural Science Elective or Scientific Perspective 2
  • Business Core Capstone
  • BLAW 300-(ERS Flag)
  • SHRM Elective 2
  • General Elective 1*
  • BUAD 401

Second Semester

  • MGMT 302
  • SHRM Capstone
  • SHRM Elective 3
  • Business Elective or Internship for Credit
  • General Elective 2*
  • BUAD 402
  • CORE 499


  • Minimum for undergraduate degree is 120 hours.   Major is 21 hours (plus business elective or internship for credit).
  • 1-Social Science:  Business majors must take ECON 200 as Social Science Elective
  • 2-Science:  Take any six hours of science - but must include at least 3 hours of Natural Science such as BIOL, CHEM or PHYS
  • 3-Humanities:  Include any Literature (except 205), CLAS, HIST 200+, THEO 300+, PHIL 300+ (but cannot also double count as ERS)
  • 4-Foreign Language: Must complete 201-level
  • FLAGS:  All flags are included in business core curriculum
  • *General electives may be filled by any course or pre-requisites based on Math or Foreign Language placement scores

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