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Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

Art, B.F.A.

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The BFA degree in Art is distinguished from the BA degree in Art by its intensity and structure. Students seeking a BFA degree in Art usually have full determination to pursue their livelihood as professional artists or are thinking of acquiring an MFA degree for university/college teaching. It is a higher degree and immediately acknowledges the fact that its recipient has experienced a deeper involvement in, and commitment to, art.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Major

Core Curriculum Requirements:

See Undergraduate Core Curriculum  

Major Requirements:

73 credit hours, as follows

  • 10 credit hours in foundation requirements
  • 15 credit hours in 100 level courses
  • 9 elective credit hours
  • 12 credit hours in Art History
  • 3 credit hour exit seminar
  • 18 credit hours (6 courses) in one area of study leading to the senior concentration
  • 6 credit hours in senior concentration and exhibition are required.


  • Concentrations must be arranged with the approval of the concentration advisor.
  • In the spring semester of the sophomore year, at the time of the sophomore portfolio evaluation, students will express their intention of pursuing a BFA degree by delivery of a signed declaration form to the department chair, endorsed by the proposed concentration instructor.
  • a minimum grade of “C-” must be attained in all art courses to count toward an art major degree.
  • It should be noted that in order to complete a degree in the regular four-year sequence, a student would need to carry approximately 18 credit hours per semester. Most students seeking this degree, however, are very competent and would probably have some advanced standing in regard to the core. It is also usual for these students to take courses during the summer sessions.
  • A recommended program sequence is available. Please direct requests to the department chair.

B.F.A. Art

Suggested sequence of courses for a BFA degree in Art with a concentration in any area. This block serves as a guideline for progress toward a degree. See your academic advisor.

Freshman Year

First Semester

  • Art 100: Seminar
  • Art 101: 2D Design
  • Art 102: DRAWING
  • Core 100 or Theology 111
  • Core 101
  • Second Language I
  • English 101 or English 115

Second Semester

  • Art 105: 3D Design
  • Art Studio elective (100 level)
  • Historical Perspective
  • Core 100 or Theology 111
  • Core 102
  • Second Language II

Sophomore Year

First Semester

  • Art Studio elective (100 level)
  • Art Studio elective (100 level)
  • Art 270: History of Art I
  • English 205
  • Philosophy 100

Second Semester

  • Art elective
  • Art Concentration elective
  • Art 271: History of Art II
  • Philosophy 200 Philosophical Perspectives
  • Theology 200+ Theologylogical Perspectives

Junior Year

First Semester

  • Art 441: Junior Seminar
  • Art Concentration elective
  • History of Art elective
  • Oral Communications Flag
  • Natural Science elective

Second Semester

  • Art Concentration elective
  • Mathematical Perspectives elective
  • DCR Flag elective
  • Social Science elective
  • Humanities elective

Senior Year

First Semester

  • Art concentration elective
  • E/RS Flag
  • Quantitative Reasoning Flag
  • Writing Intensive Flag
  • General elective

Second Semester

  • Art 490: Senior Concentration
  • Scientific Perspectives elective
  • General elective
  • General elective
  • Core 499

Scheduling Notes:

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