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Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Graphic Design. B.A.

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Graphic Design is the process of visual problem-solving on a 2D surface.  The field of Graphic Design continues to grow and become a powerful force in the creation of our contemporary society and culture.  The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design provides students the techniques, processes, aesthetics, and creative approaches of Graphic Design, all from a fine arts perspective.  Students are prepared with dynamic portfolios that show a range of innovative thinking, technical prowess, and aesthetics sensibility.  Real-world experiences in the form of mentoring, portfolio reviews, and internships enable the students to be competitive designers.

Requirements for a Major in Graphic Design

Core Curriculum Requirements:

See Undergraduate Core Curriculum  

Major Requirements:

55 credit hours, as follows:

  • 10 credit hours in foundation requirements
  • 21 credit hours in BA specific areas
  • 9 credit hours in Art History
  • 9 credit hours senior seminar and concentration
  • 3 elective credit hours
  • 3 credit hours Internship


  • In the spring semester of the sophomore year the prospective art major will present a portfolio for evaluation.  Acceptance or rejection from the Department of Art will be based upon this evaluation.
  • A minimum grade of “C-” must be attained in all art courses to count toward an art major degree.
  • A recommended program sequence is available for each of the concentrations.
  • Introductory courses (or equivalent with permission of the instructor) are prerequisites for all advanced courses. 

TOTAL Minimum Hours Required for Degree: 120 Semester Hours

B.A., Graphic Design

Freshman Year

First Semester

  • Art 100: Seminar
  • Art 101: 2D Design
  • Art 102: Drawing
  • Core 100 or Theology 111
  • Second Language I
  • Computer Science 170: Computer Science
  • Core 101

Second Semester

  • Art 105: 3D Design
  • Art 142: Graphic Design I
  • English 101 or English 115
  • Core 100 or Theology 111
  • Core 102
  • Second Language II
  • Computer Science 180: Computer Science II

Sophomore Year

First Semester

  • Art 104: Printmaking I
  • Art 242: Layout & Print Production
  • Art 270: History of Art I
  • English 205
  • Philosophy 100
  • Art 215: Web Design

Second Semester

  • Art 342: Package Design
  • Art 214: Technology for Artists
  • Art 271: History of Art II
  • Art 493: Internship
  • Philosophy 200: Philosophical Perspectives
  • Theology 200+ Theological Perspectives

Junior Year

First Semester

  • Art 441: Junior Seminar
  • Art 108: Photo I
  • History of Art Elective
  • Oral Communications Flag
  • Natural Science Elective

Second Semester

  • Art 442: Advanced Typography
  • Art 493: Internship
  • Mathematical Perspectives Elective
  • DCR Flag Elective
  • Social Science Elective
  • Humanities Elective

Senior Year

First Semester

  • Art 315: Advanced Web Design
  • Arts Elective (204 or 208)
  • Art 493: Internship
  • E/RS Flag
  • Quantitative Reasoning Flag
  • Writing Intensive Flag

Second Semester

  • Art 490: Senior Concentration
  • Historical Perspectives Elective
  • Scientific Perspectives Elective
  • General Elective
  • Core 499

Scheduling Notes:

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