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Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Marketing, B.S.B.A.

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The Department of Marketing offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing.

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. This is accomplished through marketing research, product planning and pricing, promotion, and distribution. The Marketing major develops an understanding of the concepts, functions and institutions of marketing, an appreciation of consumer orientation, and the ability to analyze marketing problems and formulate marketing policies.

This program is particularly relevant to the student planning a career in sales, advertising, consumer relations, merchandising, brand management, marketing management, marketing research, retailing, services, purchasing, business logistics, small business operations, executive management, consulting, business education, or work in certain government agencies.

Requirements for the Marketing Major

Undergraduate core curriculum requirements:

48-63 Credit Hours dependent on courses taken, including

Major Requirements:

21 total credit hours required (in addition to MKTG 300 ), as follows:

12 hours of electives required:


  • 3 hours of business electives (business co-op can be included here via MKTG 303  or MKTG 403 ).


  • A 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in these marketing courses.
  • The student must earn a grade of “C” or better in MKTG 300 to advance to upper level marketing courses.
  • MKTG 495 - prerequistes: successful completion of 9 hours of Marketing course work (above 300) - MKTG 495 must be taken in the last semester. 
  • MKTG 302 - prerequistes: successful completion of STAT 211 (C- or better)

B.S.B.A. Marketing

This block serves as a guideline for progress toward a degree. See your academic advisor.

Freshman Year

First Semester

  • CORE 100: First Year Seminar
  • Mathematical Perspectives: MATH 150
  • ENGL 101: English Composition
  • Foreign Language I
  • MKTG 300: Principles of Marketing
  • BUAD 101: The Business Profession I


Second Semester

  • STAT 210: Business Statistics I
  • THEO 111: Theological Foundations
  • Foreign Language II
  • Historical Perspective
  • ECON 200: Microeconomic Principles (Social Science Elective)
  • BAIS 120: Intro to Business Tech
  • BUAD 102: The Business Profession I


Sophomore Year

First Semester

  • PHIL 100: Ethics as Intro to Philosophy
  • ECON 201: Macroeconomic Principles
  • ACCT 200: Introductory Financial Accounting
  • STAT 211: Statistics For Business II
  • MGMT 301: Managerial Communications (Oral Communications Elective)
  • BUAD 201: The Business Profession II

Second Semester

  • Natural Science Elective
  • SHRM 200: Human Resources in a Diverse S (Diversity Elective)
  • ACCT 201: Introductory Managerial Accounting
  • MGMT 300: Managerial Behavior
  • BAIS 220: Management of Info Tech
  • BUAD 202: The Business Profession II

Junior Year

First Semester

  • PHIL 200
  • Humanities Elective
  • FINC 300: Business Finance (Quantitative Reasoning Elective)
  • MKTG 370: Consumer Behavior
  • BLAW 300: Legal Environment (ERS Elective)
  • BUAD 301: The Business Profession III

Second Semester

  • Theological Perspectives
  • ENGL 205: Literature and Moral Imagination
  • MKTG Elective
  • MKTG Elective
  • Business Elective or Internship
  • BUAD 302: The Business Profession III

Senior Year

First Semester

  • Creative Perspective
  • Scientific Perspective
  • MKTG 302: Marketing Research
  • MKTG Elective
  • ECON 300: International Trade and Business Environment
  • BUAD 401: The Business Profession IV


Second Semester

  • MGMT 302: Quality and Product in Operation
  • MKTG 495: Marketing Planning & Analysis
  • Writing Intensive Elective
  • General Elective
  • General Elective
  • CORE 499
  • BUAD 402: The Business Profession IV


Scheduling Notes:

  • Consult the “Undergraduate Core Curriculum ” requirements of the Catalog or website.
  • All students must complete an oral communication, writing-intensive and quantitative reasoning flagged course.  Many are included within the business core or major.
  • A minimum total hour for an undergraduate degree is 120 hours.
  • Total credit hours needed for the business degree (BSBA) is 121-123 hours-depending on your major. 
  • If students wish to complete two degrees 150 hours is required.  A double major in business may be fewer hours.
  • Students must take six hours of science - but must include 3 hours of Scientific Perspective electives and 3 hours of Natural Sciences such as BIOL, CHEM or PHYS
  • Humanities include any Literature (except 205), CLAS, HIST 200+, THEO 300+, PHIL 300+ (but cannot also double count as ERS).

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