Mar 22, 2019  
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

International Business, B.S.B.A.

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The world is a global marketplace creating great opportunities for  careers in business, trade, government and non-government organizations (NGOs) for people with good business and technical skills, as well as cross-cultural and foreign language abilities.

  • Living and  working in the U.S. for a company that sends you abroad for business travel, or
  • Working for a company that sends you abroad to work for a number of years at a time.

The International Business major is an interdisciplinary program that provides you with skills and knowledge to pursue a long-term career in international business. Courses and faculty come from a number of disciplines across the Williams College of Business. Because companies often provide foreign assignments to employees who are trained in their domestic operations, we recommend considering a second major such as marketing, finance, information systems, or accounting; if you can’t do that, take a few targeted courses in one discipline.

Requirements for the Major in International Business

Undergraduate core curriculum requirements:

Undergraduate Core Curriculum  

Foreign/Second Language:

  • Through the 202 course level (the Intermediate level).

Major Requirements:

21 total credit hours required, as follows:

3 hours of International Business Capstone:

  • BUAD 495

6 hours of Global Cultural Knowledge:

  • A history course — not used to satisfy university core requirements — that addresses the history of a country or region of the world except the U.S.
  • A modern language course at the 300-400 level in the language used to fulfill the modern language skill requirement of the major.
  • A course in a modern language that is not being used to fulfill the modern language skill requirement in the major.


  • 3 hours of business electives.


  • A 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in the economics courses.

International Experience

Students engage in a summer-long or semester-long study-abroad or work abroad in a country other than one’s native country. (Two additional courses of foreign language generally at the 300-level or above, may be substituted for the international experience. To pursue this option, see the international business advisor; these cannot also be counted toward the International Cultural Elective.)

To help plan your courses, study- or work-abroad experience, and future career, be sure to meet with one of the international business advisors.

B.S.B.A. International Business

This block serves as a guideline for progress toward a degree. See your academic advisor.

Freshman Year

First Semester

  • CORE 100: First Year Seminar
  • Mathematical Perspectives: MATH 140, 150, or 170
  • ENGLISH 101: English Composition
  • Foreign Language I
  • MARKETING 300: Principles of Marketing
  • CORE 101
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 101: The Business Profession I

Second Semester

  • Quantitative Reasoning Elective
  • THEOLOGY 111: Theological Foundations
  • Foreign Language II
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Social Science Elective: ECONOMICS 200
  • INFORMATION SYSTEMS 120: Introduction to Business Tech
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 102: The Business Profession I
  • CORE 102

Sophomore Year

First Semester

  • PHILOSOPHY 100: Ethics as Intro to Philosophy
  • ECONOMICS 201: Macroeconomic Principles.
  • ACCOUNTING 200: Introductory Financial Accounting
  • STATISTICS 211: Statistics For Business II
  • SHRM 200: Human Resources In a Diverse Setting
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 201: The Business Profession II

Second Semester

  • Natural Science Elective
  • ECONOMICS 300: International Trade and Business Enviorment
  • MANAGEMENT 300: Managerial Behavior
  • INFORMATION SYSTEMS 220: Management of Information Technology
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 202: The Business Profession II

Junior Year

First Semester

  • PHILOSOPHY 200: Philosophical Perspectives
  • Humanities Elective
  • MARKETING 320: International Marketing
  • MANAGEMENT 325: International Management
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 301: The Business Profession III

Second Semester

  • Theological Perspectives
  • ENGLISH 205: Literature and Moral Imaginiation
  • MANAGEMENT 301: Oral Communications Elective
  • International Business Elective
  • Global Cultural Knowledge
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 302: The Business Profession III

Senior Year

First Semester

  • Natural Science Elective or Scientific Perspective
  • MANAGEMENT 302: Quality and Product in Operation
  • FINANCE 476: International Finance
  • Global Cultural Knowledge
  • Business Elective or Internship
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 401: The Business Profession IV

Second Semester

  • Creative Perspective
  • BLAW 300: Legal Enviorment
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 495: Capstone in International Business
  • Writing Intensive Elective
  • General Elective
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 402: The Business Profession IV
  • CORE 499

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