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Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

School of Education: Special Education

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The Special Education Program offers degrees and teacher licensure programs approved by the Ohio Department of Education. All programs are accredited. 


At the undergraduate level, the Special Education Program awards the Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education with licensure in Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist, Moderate/Intensive Intervention Specialist, or Primary Intervention Specialist. Students throughout the university may choose a minor in Special Education in either an Education Track or a Disability Track. Students interested in Occupational Therapy can satisfy prerequisite requirements for graduate school admission while pursuing a licensure as a Primary Intervention Specialist.


At the graduate level, the department awards a Master of Education degree in Special Education and a Master of Science in Special Education. Graduate students seeking licensure choose between Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist, Moderate/Intensive Intervention Specialist, Primary Intervention Specialist and endorsements in Pre-K Special Needs, Gifted/Talented, and Transition to Work. Master’s degrees in Special Education without licensure are available.

Summary of Steps for Admission and Continual Progress in Initial Licensure Programs

Step One:

  • Undergraduate students are accepted into the University based on high school grade point average and SAT or ACT scores.
  • Graduate students are accepted base on undergraduate GPA and either GRE or MAT scores.
  • Student declares major or concentration.

Specific brochures and rules for program admission and retention are available through the Office of Special Education Programs and the Office of Graduate Studies.

Step Two:

  • Completion of Step One.
  • Student completes first year at Xavier with a grade point average of 2.700 or higher.
  • Required grades in following courses:
    • English 101 “B” or higher.
    • Mathematics (as placement dictates) “C” or higher.
    • Professional Education course (in licensure area) “B-” or higher.
  • Following items completed and filed with Education Office:
    • “Statement of Moral Character”.
    • “Application for Admission” form.
    • “Reflection Question” form.
  • Student is notified of acceptance into chosen program.

Step Three:

  • Completion of Step Two.
  • Required grades for continuation through major/minor:
    • Overall grade point average of 2.700.
    • GPA of 2.700 in required major/minor courses (see program handbook for detailed information).
    • Candidate’s portfolio reflects key assignments from educational foundations and curriculum courses.
    • Evaluation forms completed by University personnel and field work cooperating teachers indicate progress in development of knowledge, performance skills, and dispositions for teaching (see program requirements).
    • Student maintains FBI/BCI fingerprint checks with approval to work with children.

Step Four:

  • Completion of Step Three.
  • Application for internship/student teaching is approved. All professional education and concentration courses must be completed for commencement of internship/student teaching semesters.
  • Prior to internship, the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) test must be passed and results on file in Licensure/Office of Education Department (see handbooks or Xavier website for specific test titles and codes).

.Step Five:

  • Successful completion of internship/student teaching including required program documentation.
  • Successful completion and submission of teacher program portfolio.
  • Licensure application materials complete and on file in Licensure Office.
  • Successful completion of any Ohio examination(s) that is/are required by the program or license sought by the student.

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