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Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

Tuition and Fees

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The University reviews its financial policies and procedures on a continuing basis in order to operate in an efficient and effective manner.  Policies contained in this section are those in effect as of publication and subject to change as deemed necessary by the University.

Fee Payment

The Office of the Bursar is responsible for the assessment and collection of tuition and fees payable to Xavier University.  Inquiries should be directed to the Office of the Bursar, 3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati OH 45207-3361.  You may contact the Bursar’s Office staff at (513) 745-3435, by email at xubursar@xavier.edu or through the Bursar’s Office website at www.xavier.edu/bursar.  All prior financial obligations to the University must be paid in full before registration will be permitted for any term.  If payment or other arrangement is not made by the announced deadline for the upcoming term, the student’s registration may be cancelled.  University regulations prohibit class registration and the release of transcripts and diplomas for students whose accounts with the University are delinquent.

The Office of the Bursar accepts cash, checks, and money orders over the counter as well as checks and money orders by U.S. Mail.  Credit card (Discover Card, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express), electronic check (eChecks) payments, and certain 529 Plans are accepted online.  Payments from 529 Plans can also be made by notifying the Plan to issue a payment to Xavier University.  Credit card payments have a convenience fee associated with each transaction.  Students’ bursar accounts are subject to late fees.  More information can be obtained by visiting www.xavier.edu/bursar.

Payment Plan, Bill Dates and Due Dates

In an effort to be environmentally and cost conscious, Xavier University does not mail paper bills.  Electronic bills (eBills) are published on or about the 15th of each month.  The due date for each eBill is the 1st of the next month.  For example, the first eBill for the fall semester is published on or about July 15th and the due date is August 1st.  The next eBill is published on August 15th with a due date of September 1st and so on.  For the spring semester, the first eBill is published on or about December 15th with a due date of January 1st.  For the summer semester, the first eBill is published on or about April 15th with a due date of May 1st.

Students who intend to pay their balance in full each month do not need to enroll in the payment plan, however, they must pay in full on or before the due date of the 1st of each month.  If payment in full is not made on or before the Due Date, a late fee will be assessed.  It is important for students and/or Authorized Users to view their monthly eBills on a monthly basis in the event additional charges have been assessed that need to be paid by the 1st of the month.  For more information on late fees, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section at www.xavier.edu/bursar.

Students who intend to pay their balance over time, in monthly installments, must enroll in the X-Flex Payment Plan (X-Flex) each semester.  This is done by the student through their online access via the Student Hub or by an Authorized User using their own online access to their student’s ePayment site.  By enrolling in X-Flex, the student agrees to the Terms and Conditions associated with being a registered student at Xavier University. 

Here are the features of the X-Flex Payment Plan:

Students can spread their Total Balance for the fall and spring semesters over 4 monthly installments for each semester (3 monthly installments for summer semester) or pay their Total Balance in full each month.  Students’ bursar accounts are subject to late fees if payments are not made on or before the Due Date.  Visit www.xavier.edu/payment-plans for more information. 

The minimum amount that must be paid each month is the amount shown on the student’s X-Flex Payment Plan schedule.  Review the Frequently asked Questions on the Bursar’s web site, http://www.xavier.edu/bursar/Xavier-Pay-Frequently-Asked-Questions.cfm for information on where to view your payment schedule.

Late fees are assessed on the last business day prior to the 15th of each month.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the eBill will be published on the last business day prior to the 15th and late fees will be assessed one business day prior to that.

Installment payments are scheduled in the following manner.  For the fall semester, payments are due in August, September, October, and November.  For the spring semester, payments are due in January, February, March, and April.  For the summer semester, payments are due in May, June, and July.  The Due Date is the 1st of each month.

An enrollment fee is due and payable when a student enrolls in the X-Flex Payment Plan.  The X-Flex Payment Plan is term-based which means that the student has to enroll each semester and pay the enrollment fee each semester they are in the X-Flex Payment Plan.  For more information on the enrollment fee, late fees, and payment plan, visit http://www.xavier.edu/payment-plans/.  All charges and payments that took place as of the last eBill are shown on the next monthly eBill statement.

The X-Flex Payment Plan is available to most students.  ABSN students are not eligible.  If the student has financial aid and has completed all of the necessary paperwork, this payment plan will subtract the financial aid from the Total Balance and then calculate the minimum monthly installment payment.

Xavier has partnered with Dewar, LLC in offering students and families insurance coverage (TRP) for tuition and mandatory fees. This should not be confused with the mandatory health insurance charge that appears on the student’s bursar account each fall semester. The TRP insurance is automatically charged to the student’s bursar account and will cover up to 85% of the tuition and mandatory fees for any student who might suffer a serious illness or accident and has the need to take a medical leave before the semester is completed. Room and Board are not covered. Xavier is offering this product through Dewar, LLC to minimize the risk of financial loss in the case of withdrawal for medical or mental health reasons. If a student does NOT want to have the insurance, the student will have to pro-actively waive the insurance online at www.tuitionprotection.com/xavier.

For students who work for an employer that provides tuition reimbursement, it is recommended that the student pay for their first semester on their own by enrolling in the X-Flex Payment Plan, taking out a federal loan(s) (must complete the FAFSA), applying for scholarships/grants, etc. then get reimbursed at the end of the semester by their employer.  They can then use that reimbursement to help pay for the next semester and this will repeat until their final semester when they will receive one last reimbursement that can be used to pay off/reduce their first semester debt, if any was incurred.  This process helps to safeguard against changes that may take place with employee benefits or employment status.

Executive and Off-Site MBA students will be advised on the payment plan by their respective program coordinator.  Detailed information on the payment plan can be found on our website at http://www.xavier.edu/payment-plans/.


Students who register during priority registration for the fall and spring semesters will receive an eBill detailing charges for tuition, fees, housing and meal plan (if applicable), in addition to estimated financial aid arranged through the University’s Office of Student Financial Assistance as of that date.  Payment must be made by the due date, or the student’s class registration may be cancelled and the student would have to re-register during formal registration.  If a student’s class registration is cancelled for non-payment, there is no guarantee that the student will be able to obtain the same class schedule once they are able to re-register.  Visit https://www.xavier.edu/bursar/xavierpay/holds-cancellations for more information on Class Cancellation.

All students who register after priority registration are required to pay 100% of tuition and fees within 48 hours of registering for classes.  The only exception would be students using the approved payment plan who would then fall under the Terms and Conditions of their Plan.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition rates assessed to a student are based on the student’s primary matriculation as a graduate or undergraduate student as determined by the academic policies of the University.  Please visit our website at https://www.xavier.edu/tuition-fees/index to see the current rates.

Undergraduate Programs

Each academic year the University publishes the Schedule of Tuition and Fees which lists the charges for tuition, housing, meal plans and other fees in effect for the next academic year. Specific course fees, lab fees and deposits are listed in the current Schedule of Classes.  Please visit our website at https://www.xavier.edu/tuition-fees/index to see the current rates.

 Deposits are required for:

  • New full-time students - This deposit is a nonrefundable tuition deposit. This deposit is credited to the student’s bursar account when a) the term starts and b) the student is registered for classes, and it will be deducted from the charges for that term.

  • Certain study abroad and graduate programs - Students should check with their respective department to determine if a deposit is required.  Deposits are made to the student’s bursar account but may not be posted until certain dates or requirements have been met.

Graduate Programs

Current tuition and fee rates, special course/lab fees, and other relevant information are on the Bursar’s website https://www.xavier.edu/tuition-fees/index.  All courses taken as a graduate student will be at the graduate rate (based on the student’s primary matriculation), including audited and undergraduate courses.  Applicable course fees are charged in all cases.


Xavier University Institutional Policy

Students who officially withdraw from the University or withdraw from class(es) may be eligible for a credit of tuition dollars based upon the amount of tuition assessed and the date of official withdrawal.  Fees of any kind, including lab and course fees, are not refundable after classes begin.  Students must officially withdraw through the Office of the Registrar or via Self-Service on the Student Hub to be eligible for any credit of tuition dollars.  Upon withdrawal from a class(es) or from the University, all financial aid must be recalculated and adjusted, if applicable.  Tuition credits for summer sessions are prorated based on the official withdrawal date and the portion of the session elapsed.  Contact the Office of the Bursar for specific tuition credit amounts. 

If the adjustment(s) results in a credit balance on the student’s bursar account, a refund would be issued.  Refunds are processed once a week for students who meet certain criteria and are eligible to receive one.  For students who cannot wait for the weekly refund process, an expedited refund may be ordered by contacting the Bursar’s Office.  There is a fee associated with an expedited refund.  If the adjustment(s) results in a balance due on the student’s bursar account, that balance needs to be paid in full upon withdrawal from the University.  To receive a refund, follow the directions on the Bursar’s website at https://www.xavier.edu/bursar/about-refunds/.  If a refund preference is not selected, a paper check will eventually be mailed to the student’s address on file.  Refund checks are not available for pick up.

This schedule is applicable to the Fall and Spring semesters:

Number of Calendar Days From
Beginning of the Semester (Full Term)
Amount of Credit/Refund
Before the first day of the term 100%
1st - 7th calendar day of the term 100%
8th - 14th calendar day of the term 80%
15th - 21st calendar day of the term 60%
22nd - 28th calendar day of the term 40%
29th - 35th calendar day of the term 20%
After 35th calendar day of the term 0%


Weekend Degree MBA Credit/Refund
1st - 6th 1st - 7th calendar day of the term 100%
7th - 13th 8th - 14th calendar day of the term 60%
14th - 20th 15th - 21st calendar day of the term 20%
After 20th After 21st calendar day of the term 0%


Refunds for students leaving on-campus housing are pro-rated on a daily basis.  Additionally a cancellation fee, as described in the housing agreement signed by each student, will also be assessed.  Meal plan refunds are based on the tuition credit schedule with one exception.  Meal plan refunds issued the first through seventh calendar day of the term will be based on actual usage.

Undergraduate students who reduce their course load from full-time (12 credit hours or more) to part-time (11 credit hours or less) may receive a tuition dollar credit based on the number of hours dropped and the Credit/Refund schedule percentage.

In extraordinary circumstances, such as serious illness or injury, when a student is forced to withdraw from classes after the tuition credit period has ended, a written appeal may be made to the college dean requesting special consideration.  Appropriate documentation is required with such an appeal.

On-Campus Living Requirement

All students must live on campus for their first and second year at Xavier unless living with a parent or legal guardian within a 35 mile radius of the University.  Students will be required to sign a two-year housing agreement upon moving onto campus. All students who live in a University residence hall are required to select one of the residential meal plan options offered by the ConneX Office.

Federal Refund Policy

Students with federal financial aid must comply with federal refund policies. Contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for further information.

Collection Policy

If a student’s bursar account balance is delinquent to the point of being sent to a collection agency, the student will be responsible for continuing late fees as well as all collection fees incurred by the University.  Once the account is paid in full through the collection agency, and if the student wants to return to the University, the student is required to pay their tuition and fees, in full, upfront with certified funds (bank check or cash).  After two consecutive semesters of paying upfront, the student will be cleared to enroll in our installment payment plan.  In addition, the Office of the Bursar reserves the right to place a hold(s) on a student’s bursar account.  Holds are typically used for students who have unresolved financial issues with the University.  The hold(s) may block the student from registering for classes, receiving transcripts, and/or receiving a diploma.  Once the outstanding issue(s) is resolved, the hold(s) may be released.


See the published Schedule of Tuition and Fees that is available online each year on the Office of the Bursar’s website at www.xavier.edu/bursar. The following is a description of fees charged by the University. 

Application Fee - payable once and covers the costs of processing applications for enrollment and the setting up of student records.

WCB Cooperative Education Fee - payable for each co-op term in which a student participates; covers job assistance fee, application processing, and record-keeping.

Graduation Fee - covers the cost of administering the graduation process and is payable by all students who graduate, whether in person or in absentia. Late application results in an additional fee being charged.  In the event that a student is deferred from graduating for any reason, it is the responsibility of the student to reapply for a degree.  There is no additional fee when applying for the same degree.

Late Fee - assessed to a student’s bursar account if payments are not made within the grace period.  The grace period extends from the Due Date to two business days prior to the next eBill publication.

Parking Permit Fee - allows parking in University student parking lots. Permits valid only on evenings and weekends are available at a reduced rate.

Special Course/Lab Fees - covers extraordinary course costs or private music lessons. See the Schedule of Classes for course/lab fees.

Student Orientation Fee - covers the costs for the Manresa orientation program for freshmen and traditional undergraduate transfer students.

Transcript Fee - covers the costs of processing the transcript. There is an additional fee for rush processing.

Graduate Student Association Fee - used to fund all organizations under the Graduate Student Association (GSA).

Student Activity Fee - used to fund all organizations under the Student Government Association (SGA).