May 26, 2018  
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2017-2018

Honors Bachelor of Arts

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Established in 1948, Honors A.B. (HAB) is the University’s first and oldest honors program. True to Xavier’s Jesuit heritage, the program emphasizes the interdisciplinary study of Classics (Latin and Greek) and Philosophy. Students study the classic texts of Western civilization while fostering deeper understanding of the values and ideals they embrace.

The HAB program prepares students for life in the modern world by developing depth and balance of intellect and an openness to new ideas by examining the roots from which our culture and traditions have sprung.  Candidates for the program are expected to rank high in their high school classes; often they have Latin had high school, although special arrangements can be made for those with no experience in ancient languages, as long as students want to learn them. The program is designed challenge students as undergraduates and prepare them for lifelong learning. HAB graduates pursue careers in a variety of professional, business, and academic areas.

The main objectives of the HAB program are as follows:

  1. To provide intense, upper-level Latin and Greek courses at the honors level in which substantial readings of significant Roman and Greek authors are engaged in the original;
  2. To provide a range of courses in philosophy for an appreciation of the evolution of ideas about what it means to be human;
  3. To provide students with an understanding of the development of ideas about human concerns (e.g. justice, freedom, virtue, faith, allegiance) as they were first expressed to foster a deeper understanding of the values and ideals they embrace.

Honors Bachelor of Arts Core Requirements

Honors students are expected to fulfill the regular Undergraduate Core Curriculum  requirements, and whenever possible, special Honors sections or the more demanding sections of required courses should be taken:


Honors Bachelor of Arts Program Specific Requirements

Latin - 21 hours from the following:

LATN 211: Cicero Orations
LATN 212: Vergil, Aeneid
LATN 231: Horace, Odes and Epodes 
LATN 232: Catullus 
LATN 241: Latin Prose Composition 
LATN 253: Livy 
LATN 263: Caesar 
LATN 273: Cicero, Letters 
LATN 283: Cicero, Essays 
LATN 293: Horace, Satires and Epistles 
LATN 311: History of Ancient Rome 
LATN 321: Roman Comedy 
LATN 331: Lucretius 
LATN 341: Tacitius 
LATN 351: Roman Satire
LATN 361: History of Latin Literature 
LATN 371: Medieval Latin
LATN 397: Special Study, Prose 
LATN 398: Special Study Poetry 

Greek - 21 hours from the following:

GREK 101: Elementary Greek I 
GREK 102: Elementary Greek II 
GREK 201: Attic Prose 
GREK 202: Attic Tragedy 
GREK 203: Plato, Selected Readings 
GREK 241: Koine Greek I 
GREK 242: Koine Greek II 
GREK 311: History of Ancient Greece 
GREK 321: Homer, Iliad 
GREK 322: Homer, Odyssey 
GREK 331: Plato, Republic 
GREK 341: Thucydides 
GREK 351: Aeschylus 
GREK 361: History of Greek Literature 
GREK 397: Special Study: Prose 
GREK 398: Speical Study: Poetry 

Philosophy - 18 hours

Capstone Thesis Research Experience - 6 hours:

CLAS 398: Capstone Preparation-Honors 
CLAS 399: Honors Bachelor of Art (HAB)

This year-long capstone course (6 credit hours) ensures that each HAB student writes a research paper utilizing the analytical, writing and linguistic skills he/she has developed during his/her four years in the HAB program and, to the extent possible, combining the interests of his/her second major or pre-med Natural Science minor.    Course participants give in-class oral and written presentations and undertake a mock defense of their paper in preparation for the real oral defense.  Cooperative learning is essential to success to the thesis process.  Participants read and respond to one another’s work.


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