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    Xavier University
  Oct 20, 2017
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Xavier University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 2017-2018

English, B.A.

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The major in English is designed to develop writing skills, a critical and historical understanding of the English language and its literature, and a knowledge of current theories of literature, language, and humanistic interpretation. The English major is an excellent preparation for law school and for careers in education, journalism, editing, publishing, and other communications fields. It is also a fine preparation for a variety of business careers and for graduate school in business and, with appropriate science courses, for medical school.

Requirements for the English Major

Core Curriculum Requirements:

48-63 Credit Hours dependent on courses taken, including

Major Requirements:

36 credit hours, as follows

12 hours from:

  • ENGL 115 - Rhetoric
  • ENGL 210 - Methods Workshop
  • ENGL 221 - Poetry
  • ENGL 499 - Senior Seminar

6 hours from:

One course each from the following areas::

Theory or Criticism

  • 302-History of Literary Criticism
  • 303-Modern Literary Theory
  • 366-Feminist Theory

Language or Linguistics

  • 320-Topics in Linguistics
  • 321-History of English Language
  • 322-Ethnolinguistics
  • 323-Media and Its Discourse
  • 327-Language of Leadership
  • 328-Gender, Religion, and Violence
  • 369-Women and Sacred Language



9 hours from:

Take one course from THREE of the four areas:

Pre-1800 British Lit

  • 361-16th/17th Cent Women’s Literacy
  • 368-Brit Women Writers
  • 376-Lit & Arts in Britain
  • 410-Chaucer
  • 411-Medieval Women’s Writing
  • 415-Early English Lit
  • 425-Shakespeare
  • 429-Renaissance Drama
  • 430-17th Century Brit Lit
  • 432-Spenser & Milton
  • 435-Milton
  • 441-18th Century Brit Lit
  • 465-18th Century Novel: Behn-Austen

Post-1800 British Lit

  • 364-Jane Austen
  • 375-Lit & Arts in Ireland
  • 414-Tolkien
  • 450-Brit Romantic Lit
  • 452-Romantic Autobiography
  • 460-Love, Sex, Gender in Victorian Poetry
  • 462-Victorian Writing
  • 463-Victorian Poetry & Poetics
  • 464-English Novel: Dickens-Conrad
  • 470-Modern Brit Lit
  • 475-Modern Irish Lit

Pre-1900 American Lit

  • 358-Black America since 1865
  • 373-War & Peace in Amer Lit
  • 468-Transatlantic Lit
  • 478-19th Century Amer Poetry
  • 480-Amer Renaissance
  • 481-Amer Realism
  • 485-Amer Gothic Lit
  • 488-Humor in Amer Lit
  • 489-Amer Minority Lit

Post-1900 American Lit

  • 351-Jewish-Amer Lit
  • 479-Lit of Amer West
  • 482-Mod Amer Fiction
  • 483-Mod Amer Poetry
  • 484-African-Amer Lit
  • 486-Contemp Amer Lit
  • 487-Contemp Amer Poetry


9 hours of:


  • A 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in these English courses.
  • Undergraduates who wish to be certified as teachers of English on the secondary level are advised to consult with the Chair of the English Department and with the Office of Teacher Education and Placement regarding specific requirements for teacher certification.

TOTAL Minimum Hours Required for Degree: 120 Semester Hours

B.A. English

This block serves as a guideline for progress toward a degree. See your academic advisor.

Freshman Year

First Semester

Total (15)

Second Semester

Total (15)

Sophomore Year

First Semester

  • ENGL 210 - Methods Workshop
  • Scientific Perspectives core elective
  • Creative Perspectives core elective
  • Theological Perspectives core elective (200+ level)
  • Quantitative Reasoning flag
Total (15)

Second Semester

  • ENGL 221 - Poetry
  • Theory/Criticism major elective
  • Natural Science core elective
  • Humanities core elective†
  • Social Science core elective
Total (15)

Junior Year

First Semester

  • British Literature major elective
  • American Literature major elective     
  • Oral Communications flag†
  • E/RS core elective†
  • General elective
Total (15)

Second Semester

  • British or American Literature major elective
  • Language/Linguistics major elective
  • Diversity flag†
  • General elective
  • General elective
Total (15)

Senior Year

First Semester

  • English major elective
  • English major elective
  • Writing Intensive flag†
  • General elective
  • General elective
Total (15)

Second Semester

Total (14)

Scheduling Notes:

* These required courses in the Undergraduate Core Curriculum  may be fulfilled with approved English courses.

† These electives or flags in the Undergraduate Core Curriculum  may be fulfilled with approved English courses.

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